Run Windows on Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with Parallels Desktop 6

By Jay Shah | Apple

There are some Windows features which just cannot be replaced no matter what operating system you are using. You don’t have to fret and fume over the inability to use Windows on mobile computing devices such as the iPad, because the Parallels Desktop 6 is here. The new virtualization software has just been launched along with a mobile app for all iOS devices.

Mac users will also benefit from the new Parallels Desktop 6, which has support for better graphics, speed and performance and even DirectX 9. Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users will also be able to make use of Windows applications.

This means that you can access saved documents and even game files from your PC on your mobile device. The company has stated that it wants to give users the ability ‘to do more from anywhere’ and remove any limitations that come in the way of working remotely.


But how does the Parallels Desktop work? Say you have the Parallels Desktop open on your PC, all you need to do is start the app on your mobile phone and the Windows environment is immediately synced to whatever device you are using. So now you can easily transfer a PowerPoint presentation to the iPad, without having to convert the file into an iPad compatible format.

The new Parallels Desktop boots up to 41% faster than the previous version and this should make for an enhanced mobile experience for users. The improved application can also completely virtualize 64-bit apps and recreate 5.1 digital Surround Sound. Even 3D capabilities have been boosted, which means that you can enjoy better gaming on the Mac with your Parallels Desktop doing the hard work.

Games on the iPad may not work too well, because the device has a touch screen interface. But nevertheless, the great new virtualization software gives you the power to do stuff that you have always wanted to do on your Mac or iOS equipped device. But if you are still not sure, you should try the free trial that is currently available for download that the Parallels website. That should be enough to convince you!

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