Skype App: Multitasking on iPhone iOS 4

By Jay Shah | Apple

One of the main reasons behind the clamor for multitasking on the iPhone iOS was the popularity of the Skype app. You had to keep the app open or risk losing out on calls. And this would lead to the loss of time and less productivity for the iPhone. But not anymore, because the new iOS4 allows Skype to be always on!

iOS4 has already introduced multitasking on the iPhone, for third party apps and not just Apple apps. And now Skype has reciprocated by launching an update for their iPhone 4 version, which incorporates multitasking features.


What are the two important advantages of this new feature from Skype?

One, you will be alerted about incoming calls even when the app is not on the foreground. The notification pop-up contains the name of the caller and the option to receive the call or ignore it. Two, you don’t have to disconnect an ongoing Skype call in order to run another app, because the call will carry on in the background just like a normal carrier call would.

And you can have this all tuned up version of Skype from the Apple Store right away! The new version of Skype also has updated graphics to support the iPhone 4 Retina Display. This is good news because Skype is a really popular app for making free calls over the internet. But its use for making VoIP calls was hindered by the inability to switch the app to the background in order to enable you to do other tasks.

But now that this problem is solved, you can hope that more third party apps will soon be upgraded for multitasking on the iPhone via the iOS 4.

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The good news, however, does not end here. You may have heard that Skype was planning to end free calling from 3G enabled devices. Well, that idea has been dropped! Though you have to pay for Skype to non-Skype calls, Skype to Skype calls are absolutely free as ever. This is a boon for those who use Skype all day long to keep in touch without burning a hole in the pocket.

But one thing that remains to be seen is that how an always-active Skype app will affect the battery life of your iPhone iOS 4 device. You may also have a problem in getting the multitasking feature to work if your device is jail-broken. In anyway, two thumbs up for the Skype app!

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