Supported iPod Touch Video Formats

By Jay Shah | Apple

One of the main reasons why the iPod Touch has become one of most popular portable devices of our generation is its ability to play music and video on the go with a decent battery life. Sure, there are a lot of media players which can claim to do the same, but the iPod Touch offers great audio and video quality too. Moreover, playing videos is just one of the things that the multi-faceted iPod Touch can do.

You may be really excited to play the thousands of videos you have on your PC on the iPod Touch, but there is a minor issue here. The device, like PSP, does not support all formats of video. Right now, the iPod Touch officially supports .mp4 and h.264 video formats only. Other popular formats such as .wma or .mpeg video files are not supported.


Here is a more detailed look at the video formats your itouch will support:

  • H.264 video in a 640×480 resolution, at 30 fps and up to 1.5 mbps. Versions of the h.264 baseline profile having AAC-LC audio in .mp4, .m4v and .mov formats.
  • H.264 video, in a 640×480 resolution, at 30 fps and up to 2.5 mbps. Baseline profile up to level 3.0 with AAC-LC audio in .m4v, .mov and .mp4 formats.
  • MP4 video, in a 640×480 resolution, at 30 fps up to 2.5 mbps with simple profile in various formats.

Hopefully you now have a clear idea of which videos you can play on the iPod Touch. But what if this rules out a majority of the videos in your collection because of format-incompatibility? Well, there is a fix for that too!

You may have heard of video converter apps and if you want to play any video you have, on the iPod Touch, you have to make use of one such app called Videora. This app will help in converting all videos to compatible formats. All non-supported formats such as xvid, avi, divx, flv, vob and others can be converted into mp4 or h.264 with this app. Even entire DVD’s can be ripped into an iPod compatible video format.

Once you have downloaded this free application, use either Normal Mode or Power Mode to add a video to be converted. Click on the convert option and the job will be done. Simply transfer the video via iTunes onto your iPod Touch and you should be able to view it. So, now your entire video collection can be made compatible with your iPod Touch quickly and safely!

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