The Aftermath of the Apple iPhone 4G Leaked Videos by Gizmodo

By Jim Roberts | Apple

When Gizmodo published about a prototype phone that is assumed to be the next Apple iPhone generation, all of us were probably interested and totally existed with its features. The prototype phone was dubbed iPhone 4G and has resulted to various speculations.

Page views hit over marked for Apple iPhone 4G. Who would not be interested in a probable iPhone 4G? Most will really get so excited just like the roughly 11 million viewers of the gadget blog. Imagine in three very short days, Gizmodo had received a lot of income just with page views. The $5,000 investment by the site to take possession of the phone is already paid for and profited abundantly.

However, these profits may only be used by the site in payment for possible legal counsel fees. In a statement at DailyFinance made by Jeff Bercovici he said that should Apple decide to file a legal case against Gizmodo and its parent company, Gawker Media, Apple is surely to have greater odds of winning.

The particular phone was allegedly misplaced by an engineer of Apple named Gray Powell then a stranger happened to picked it up but did not exert real effort in returning the device to the rightful owner. The said device landed on Gizmodo’s possession at a price of $5,000, which they instantly broadcasted in the blog site. Obviously, Gizmodo has purchased a likely stolen product and in the site, Gizmodo had not made a statement to protect itself against any legal matter that may arise.

Apparently, techie geeks and journalists were not the only ones whose eyes were fixated on the iPhone 4G revelations by Gizmodo but other media mainstream such as a popular television show in the US.

Based on the Gizmodo iPhone, the weak battery life of the current phone is being addressed by iPhone’s developer as in the prototype, a bigger battery was seen, so big that 50% of the phone’s interior space is occupied by the battery alone (Check out the Features of iPhone 4G). Many are speculating that it is just some sort of an exposure and Pr plot for a new iPhone based on the turnout of events. One, why was the misplaced phone, if it were on its development stage was brought out of the Apple’s compound? Two, the phone is not password protected. Third, Apple is set to introduce a new model of iPhone in couple of months.

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Aditya April 30, 2010

i read somewhere that he did try calling the apple helpline but nobody believed the guy. what else should he do?

    Sidharth May 1, 2010

    Well, I also read that he never actually made ‘any’ efforts to return. He was happy to give the prototype to Gizmodo for five grands.

    Lets see how far this goes 🙂

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