The Awesome Apple iPad Finger Painting Video!

By Sidharth | Apple

After acknowledging the power of iPad DJ app, here is one more reasons that tempts you to buy a Apple iPad. So much has been articulated about the Apple iPad that already has a strong market demand — and is probably one of the likable product of its kind.

Al right. So here is another neat Apple iPad video that is trending on Youtube and is seen at Gizmodo. I believe its worth sharing here.

Apple iPad Painting Video by David JonKassan

Awesome artwork Finger painting from David using the Apple iPad brushes app that took him around 3 hours of live work. The outcome is splendid, to say the least. Check out the video..

Video Length: ~8 min.

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Rakesh Solanki July 1, 2010

As i used apple that’s why i love hear anything about iPhone. creative and inspirational video. thanks

toni July 1, 2010

Captivating! And kinda puts my Etch-a-Sketch to shame;) However, for all its expense & limitations, the iPad will have to be further developed before I take a serious interest in it. GREAT VIDEO DEMO OF GREAT TALENT – bet I’ve seen so far.

Karthik P July 1, 2010

I am not a big fan of the Apple iPad. In fact, I hate it! But I must agree that this is one among the best iPad videos I have ever seen.

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