The Effect of iOS4 on the iPhone 3G

By Jay Shah | Apple

The iOS4 was recently launched with much fanfare, along with Apple’s iPhone 4. And as Apple struggles with the antenna problems on the iPhone 4, we came up with creative canny ideas, but on a serious note the iOS4 is fast becoming a cause of concern for the company, due to the various complaints from iPhone 3G users.

The iOS4 was rolled out with the promise that it would make the iPhone 3G perform better, in addition to being the standard OS for the iPhone 4. But if user feedback is anything to go by, then probably Apple is miles from delivering on the promise.

The Effect of iOS4 on the iPhone 3G

The most common problems encountered with the iOS4 on the iPhone 3G include regular locking up of handsets and also a general sluggishness in performance. Even basic functions, such as web browsing, are taking ages to complete.

And the buzz on various online communities and forums is pretty negative too, with some going as far as describing the iOS4 as a ‘disaster’ for iPhone 3G owners. A closer look at the problem reveals that these claims are not way off the mark.

Apps are not functioning properly and neither is the phone responding as fast as it should. A basic SMS app takes 30 seconds to open up and this gives you a fair idea of the problem. The Safari web browser refreshes at a slow pace, making browsing a pain.

To make the matter worse, those who got the OS updated cannot revert to the older version. Apple has locked the phone once the update to the iOS4 is done and so, you are pretty much stuck in the muck.

Most people are curing their decision to go for the update, while some conspiracy theories are also doing the rounds. The popular though sinister notion is that Apple is running the iPhone 3G with the iOS4 so that users are forced to buy the iPhone4.

But exactly how that works out is a bit hard to understand, given that iPhone4 is not exactly free from its own flaws and no one other than hardcore Apple fans will just go ahead and buy the phone.

However, the problems being faced by iPhone 3G owners with the new OS onboard are not small by any means — Automatic reboots, dropped calls and many more issues plague the once perfect iPhone 3G. And Apple has a responsibility of coming out with a comprehensive solution very soon, if it does not want people to resort to hacks and tweaks to downgrade to the iOS3.1.

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