The Magic Mouse Magic Charger From Mobee: Enchanting!

By Jay Shah | Apple

The IFA is on in full swing with bucketload of gadgets trying to set new standards and though the usual suspects have been the biggest brands (check out the coverage of Samsung Galaxy tablet), some of the smaller companies have come up with magical products of their own. Please ignore the pun (if you find any!) in the previous line, because we are talking about the Magic Charger from Mobee, meant for Apple’s Magic Mouse!

What’s so special about this product? Well, this product has the potential to change the way you use the magic mouse, forever! If you own one of the amazing wireless Magic Mouse at the moment, what is your biggest concern?

Undoubtedly it is the battery, which drains quite fast. So, you have to keep lots of alkaline batteries handy in case the mouse demands a new set in the middle of the night. Or you may be juggling between sets of rechargeable batteries, opening and replacing them whenever required.

Mobee introduces Wireless Charger For Apple’s Magic Mouse

Well Mobee plans to set you free from this headache. This Magic Charger, is an inductive charging base which fits right into the mouse, without an extra sleeve. The bulkiness of most inductive chargers currently available is actually their undoing, but Mobee has found a way around the problem.


The 37g battery pack is lighter than a standard pair of alkaline batteries and so the weight of the mouse will not be increasing too much. Right now, it has also been revealed that this charger will power the mouse for 6 days of constant use!

But perhaps more amazingly, the charger needs only six hours of charging to get back to full power. Is this the magic bit?

The company: Mobee, has also stated that it toyed with the idea of an inductive charging pad, but chose not to press forward because people like to use their mouse on a surface they like.

One look at the Magic Charger and you will know that it is the perfect product for the Magic Mouse. The materials used, the appearance and the feel- this is congruence at its best. You should be able to get your hands on one of these, in mid-October when the device will ship worldwide.

The $49.90 price (without taxes) doesn’t look too steep, considering that you will save a lot on batteries in the long run!

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