The Most Awesome iPhone Case Ever!

By Sidharth | Apple

We have seen some of the creative iPhone cases in the past, and the numbers build up all the way through the end of every year. While only a handful of cases are an ideal choice for our device, the rest of the nitty-gritty cases are either worthless, or too expensive.

But here we have an eccentric case which is, despite the lack of allure, the most awesome iPhone case ever! This is the iPhone case made out of elastic bands. Actually, the non conventional look is mustered by using a criss-cross elastic pattern. Awesome? Well that depends on how you interpret the word “awesome.”

The case, titled as “Just a Loop” for iPhone, has been designed by an independent designer, Konstantin Leonenko. This iPhone case has been put out on sale and the pricing for a kit (containing 4 loops) is, well, 10 Euros. Pricey eh?

The best part is, because of its elasticity, the case can be stretched to fit into iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch… you name it! Let’s satisfy ourselves with the pictures:





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