The New iPhone Design Should Look Like This [Video]

By Sidharth | Apple

We have seen them before. And we love to see them again and again. Because, to tell you the truth, these whimsical iPhone concepts are really beautiful and captivating.

ADR Studios published photos of what they call as iPhone SJ a few days ago. Now, they have fabricated their imagination, created ravishing concept of the upcoming iPhone which you can find below in the form of a video. There’s more: this iPhone is supposed to be a polycarbonate device with a glass capacitive screen.

Oh, and did we mention the iPhone SJ has a new A6 dual core processor and 10MP camera? Watch the video:

What are your thoughts? Do you think Apple can come up with such an amazing phone this year? Probably the Cupertino-based company can do much better than this?

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