Things to know Before Jailbreaking Apple iPad

By Jim Roberts | Apple

iPad Jailbreaking is the process that allows iPad users to use any software code on their device instead of being restricted on what is available on the App Store. Since Apple’s App Store is  strict in making the apps available for download in the app store, jailbreaking can be helpful!

Often times many Apple users find quality software that gets denied making it difficult for them to enjoy their Apple devices fully. That being said, the Apple’s latest device – iPad has recently been jailbroken and since iPad has faster hardware and acts as a “3rd device” makes it the best jailbroken device compared to any other Apple device. If you have doubts on which applications will be safe for your device, the user-and-developer-updated compatibility lists will help you see what’s okay with your device.

Many of the applications that didn’t make to Apple’s App Store usually make their way into Cydia, the jailbroken installer. There are plenty of applications, programs and extensions available in Cydia that you can download to your advantage and entertainment, what’s more is that many of the full applications available through Cydia are free unlike what’s on the App Store.

What has the Apple iPad Evolved Into?

A lot of iPad users are reluctant to have their devices jailbroken mainly because of fears of sacrificing stability and speed. But since most jailbreak softwares are stable, many disregard Apple’s recommendations anyway. Also, chances are that any software that allows you to run third party programs in the background will most probably affect your device’s performance.

But by all means if jailbreaking your device means less stability, which is never proven in the first place, then take note of the difference between having certain software on your phone over your iPad. Since  iPad is projected to be more of a computer rather than a phone, it makes jailbreaking more enjoyable than ever.

Before installing anything through Cydia check on the Google Docs Spreadsheet created by iPhone development team member MuscleNerd. If you follow this list, then you won’t have to worry about having troubles with your Device.

Recommended Jailbreak Apps for your Ipad

There are hundreds of amazing jailbreak programs available for both iPhone and iPad that you can find in Cydia. You can also check out our top apps.

One of the best would be the Notifier, a little extension that lets you save icons into your status bar for you to easily check new mail and messages. Another one will be the SBSettings, a small panel of controls that slides down from the status bar together with other applications. And lastly the Backgrounder an application that lets you listen to Pandora while working on other application.

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