Top Jailbroken apps For iPhone, iPod. Four Best Jailbreaking Apps!

By Sidharth | Apple

Out of all the awesome Jailbroken apps available for the Apple users in general, we picked up four iPhone, iPod apps and added it to the list of best jailbraking apps for iPhone.

So here is an quick overview of some of the top jailbroken apps for iPhone and Apple iPod touch. Feel free to let us know your preferred jailbroken apps for iPhone..

What’s Jailbreaking though? Jailbreaking is a simple process that allows iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch users to run any code on their devices, as opposed to only that code authorized by Apple. Once the device is jailbroken, iPhone users are able to download many applications previously unavailable through the App Store via unofficial installers such as Cydia, as well as pirated apps.


But this does not limit that particular phone to stop using the applications made available to the user by Apple itself. A jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch is still able to use and update apps downloaded and purchased from Apple’s official App Store. It is just a way that enables you to use applications that are not allowed by Apple, and leaves the functioning of your phone same as before.

Also, Jailbreaking — according to Apple, voids Apple’s warranty on the device, although this is quickly remedied by restoring the device in iTunes. Lets have a look at some of the top Jailbroken Apps available for iPhone and iPod touch users.

iPod Touch 5-Row Keyboard App

The virtual keyboard on the iPod Touch is like a double edged sword for me.  On one hand, it’s very responsive and does its job ably.  On the other, it can be cumbersome to use, having to flip through a separate keyboard to enter numbers and special characters.


A simple application recently released for jailbroken iPod Touch units replaces the default keyboard of the device and turns it into a 5-row interface.Numbers appear as the default characters on the additional row.  When you hit shift, the numbers will turn to other commonly used characters, such as a comma, an exclamation point and a question mark.  For so simple a change, it turns your iPod Touch into a truly capable device to type on, whether you’re entering information on your playlist or crafting an email to friends.

GPS phone iPhone App

A lot of people get confused with this app, to make it clear this is not the Global Positioning System app. If you are a fan of the old school gameboy, then this application is for you – this jailbroken app is actually a ‘gameboy’ emulator.


The application allows you to run ROMs for the game boy gaming system. All the people who used to love the old school pokemon games will really like this application.

Qik iPhone App

This is one of the best live streaming services that is available on the net. This service has recently become available for jail broken iphones, along with other compatible handsets.


Using this application, the user can mute the direct broadcast, set specific privacy settings, send alerts to twitter at any time, hide your chat account, set the stream title as well as allow qik to see the current location of the user.

Winterboard iPhone App

Some users of the iphone are a bit disappointed that there is very little scope for the user of an iphone to customize the device. The only option that the user has to customize is the changing of the lock-screen wallpaper. This is where winterboard comes in and it is, without a doubt, a fabulous application!


Using this application, the user has access to thousands of compatible themes for customizing the background of the device, customize icons, bars, keyboards, alert buttons, battery images, and much more.

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