Traveling? Take the Apple iPad Instead of the Notebook

By Jim Roberts | Apple

Different views have been thrown around for whether the Apple iPad could really be a powerful tool for business purposes or it is just limited for the entertainment of the general consumer.

However, these two points of view are only applicable for professionals in the office and individual user at home. When you are travelling, you may probably not argue about the iPad’s usefulness.

There are a lot of good reasons why an iPad is a better traveling buddy than a notebook. Let me enumerate them to you..

  • Netbooks are lighter and portable than a laptop PC but the iPad is pretty much lighter and thinner than the netbooks. The iPad’s thickness measures only at half an inch and weighs 1.5 pounds. It can be placed inside a carry-on bag like a PC World Magazine bought at an airport news stand or shop, plus you need to extra bag dedicated only for the iPad. Convenient, right?
  • When it comes to airport security, the notebook has to be removed from its case, placed and inspected in a separate holder for the TSA checkpoints. But the iPad, since it is not considered as a notebook need not be subjected to such check up and could remain in your bag peacefully. Hassle-free!
  • After the assessment and as you wait at the gate, you can begin using your iPad until you reach your far-away destination may it be cross-state or cross-country and need not worry about battery drains. Obviously the iPad has four times more battery life than any standard netbook. Amazing!
  • If your flight is not in the first class and your space is quite small, you can still use the iPad easily without practicing some contortionists moves and maneuver. Remember that the iPad is not bulky and does not have a lid which need to be opened compared to the netbook. Very Handy, indeed!
  • In this battle of iPad versus notebooks – Netbooks require some external and additional hardware like mouse and touch pad for it to be operated successfully by the user. But the iPad is yet again advantageous because it has a touchscreen interface and a flat-panel slim design that can basically be used even in cramped airplane seats. Functional, huh!

Lastly, the iPad is truly a versatile gadget that allows you to switch from entertainment or business applications(emails, spreadsheets, presentations, and others) in just a single device. One for productivity!

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Holding a dual degree in both Management and IT with 13 years of business experience, I am Jim F. Roberts from California, USA. Needless to say, I am a techy guy and I love exploring, checking out the latest gadgets and sharing my thoughts on a lot of things.

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