Video Calling on iPod Touch 4G With Apple’s FaceTime: Ready for the Big Time?

By Jay Shah | Apple

The USP of Apple’s FaceTime software is not hard to determine, and if you have used it, you will know why it may become the standard for video calling/chatting/conferencing on all Apple devices soon. If you still doubt its versatility, perhaps you need to understand why the iPod touch will now have two cameras.

And no, it’s not because there is lots of space for one, because some time back Apple said that the iPod Touch 4G is a complete package that needs no addition. Apple clearly sees this as a way to expand the scope of its FaceTime software.

With FaceTime on board, the iPod Touch 4G will be able to make video calls via Wi-Fi. This will turn the device into a one-of-a-kind carrier-free video-phone. The possibilities are immense!


Video calling is a hot feature right now, which seemingly everyone is going after. So you have Panasonic making plasma TV’s with cameras and microphones, Logitech trying to thrash out a marketable product with GoogleTV and even Microsoft getting in to the act with Kinect for the Xbox.

So, what exactly does this tell you? Well for starters, Apple recognizes the power of its FaceTime software all too well, at a time when the future of video-based communication will be probably decided by software and not hardware. Moreover this is a technology which could, in future integrate all Apple devices quite seamlessly. Communicating via iPhone, iPod, iPad using one compatible software standard- sounds good doesn’t it?

In case you are surprised by the mention of ‘iPad’ because it does not have dual-camera yet, you should know that the next iPad is sure to have the front cam. And rumors have just surfaced in the form of pictures taken of the iPad being tested with FaceTime software running. So that coveted video-chat enabled iPad may not be too far away.

After all this type of images surfaced weeks before the iPhone4 was launched and they proved to be genuine. No reason to believe otherwise here too! And if it is indeed true, FaceTime will take iPad to a level which upcoming tablets will find hard to reach.

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