Warning: No Jailbreak Available for iPhone 5/4S, iPad 4/3 on iOS 6.0.1 Firmware

By Sidharth | Apple

“So you have an iPhone 5/4S with the new iOS 6.0.1 firmware installed and you want to jailbreak this device? Don’t worry, pay us $50 and we will jailbreak it for you.” While a lot of websites do not reveal the price right within the first paragraph as I did, but you get the point: there are websites out there on the Internet, making easy money by scamming iOS users who are looking to jailbreak their devices.

These websites trick you into believing that there’s a jailbreak tool that can jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 devices — some sites have gone on to offer iOS 6 jailbreak for $100 and more — while hiding the bitter truth from you. And what’s the bitter truth you ask? There’s no way to jailbreak iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that’s running the new iOS 6.0.1 firmware.

Here’s why:

  • Apple recently released the new iOS 6.0.1 (yesterday), and there’s no way a jailbreak could be out so soon.
  • The iPhone Dev Team is yet to find a jailbreak for iOS 6.0 devices, which naturally means iOS 6.0.1 cannot be jailbroken.

Jailbreaking iOS 6.0 is possible through RedSn0w, although this is valid only for the following devices: iPhone 3GS/4, iPod Touch 4G.

Jailbreak Scams

If a website is promising iOS 6.0 or iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak for your iPhone (iPhone 5/4S), iPad (iPad 4, New iPad, iPad 2) or iPod Touch 5G only after you pay a certain amount of money, then you are digging your own grave. Sure, you will lose the money, but you will also lose your time and needless to say, your credit or debit card details as well.

As mentioned in our previous iOS 6 jailbreak post:

iPhone 5/4S users on iOS 6 firmware are completely out of luck. As there’s no bootroom exploit available for A5/A6 (includes iPhone 5) devices, jailbreaking iPhone 5/4s on iOS 6 is still a stretched out dream.

If you didn’t know this yet, the folks who have been bringing jailbreaking tools to us since the last 4 years avoid donations — they do this out of passion (and probably to showcase their skills), not because they want to make money.

iPhone 5/4S and iPad users who are expecting iOS 6 jailbreak may have to wait a little longer though, as iOS 6 exploits for these devices are not out yet. Rest assured, we will always keep you updated on the latest news on Apple and jailbreaking. Meanwhile, you may want to read our beginner’s guide on how jailbreaking actually works to understand more about jailbreaking.

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