What to Expect from the Coming soon iPhone 5 SmartPhone

By Jay Shah | Apple

When you talk of smartphones the first name that springs to your mind is that of the iPhone and with good reason too. Let’s face it, for all the praise that solid Android OS deserves, Apple’s iPhone is unique and incomparable in more ways than one. And you may be happy to know that new reports have surfaced about the next installment of this amazing device. The iPhone 5 may not be too far away, if these reports are true!

The most important thing that the iPhone5 will do is put the reception issues of the iPhone 4 to bed, once and for all. After all the ‘antennagate’ has been one of the worst tech glitches/ PR disasters in the history of Apple. Hopefully when the new iPhone comes around you will find a product that is free of any glitches or bugs.

While that is a necessary rectification, there are going to be some other changes which will absolutely revolutionize the way you use smartphones. Apple is supposedly developing a system through which your iPhone may serve as a mode of payment at retail stores and other places. And this will not involve any additional phone attachments!

This technology is called ‘near field communication’ or NFC, which is already in use in some mobiles of Japanese make which can be used in subways and vending machines in lieu of cash or credit card. And Apple’s effort to incorporate this technology in the next iPhone is evident from the fact that they have hired Benjamin Vigier, the best in the business when it comes to mobile payment systems.

He is a Product Manager at present and is working closely with other mobile engineers who specialize in NFC and other similar tech.

According to some other sources, Apple will incorporate the NFC technology by using hardware from the market leaders in NFC technology, NXP Semiconductor. Apple has supposedly already developed an NFC-enabled iPhone prototype and running mobile payment tests to arrive at a sustainable design.

The same NFC tech will also be used in the Apple TV and Macbooks, which will expedite inter-device data transfer.

Though these innovations sound really exciting, don’t expect to see the iPhone 5 before 2011. After all the brickbats Apple received for technical and design issues on the iPhone 4, lot more intensive tests will be done this time around. But even if the next iPhone arrives early in 2011, there is great reason to be thrilled!

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abc October 24, 2010

iphone 5……. when iphone 10???

RW October 18, 2010

iPhone 5 will arrive in June, just like all the other variants. As for a version that will work on Verizon…don’t hold your breath.

Hugo October 18, 2010

I believe regarding the NFC that Nokia has already done a few models with this tech a few years ago…
This is nothing new…its not unique to Apple to develop the NFC within Mobile payments….so please dont be so excited!!!!

The problem with NFC-mobile payment is that requires a all new kind of infrastructure that its not yet implemented and wont be any soon…maybe with apple launching that, mobile payment will grow…but that will also grow questions about transaction safety etc…that was all studied in the past…

xiaoa October 18, 2010

phone 5?
oh, no. I afriad we have to wait for another two years. as the white iphone 4 and the verizon one have not been released, Likely to be postponed until next year?and than the next ipad may be released, so the iphone 5 have to queue for several years. however, the new verizon one which you can regard it as iphone 5 is a desirable product ,i believe it will give iphone fans a great deal of surprise. i have waited it for a long time, i decide buy one and order netflix server and download a Aneesoft dvd to iphone video converter.

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