Dealing with ‘Connecting’ Problems on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is an instant messenger that lets you send and receive messages on your smartphones. What makes this special, and better than other mobile messaging apps, is its cross-platform functionality — an iPhone user can send message to Android user through the app. Also, as the whole process is carried out over data/WiFi, there’s no need to pay anything.

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The fact that over 10 billion messages are exchanged every day shows that people naturally adore this app over everything else [Source]. SMS killer, that’s what WhatsApp is.

But there’s a Problem…

Occasionally, you may not be able to send or receive messages through WhatsApp. In other words, sometimes the app just doesn’t work. And when that happens, some of you will be frustrated, but there’s very little you could do to fix this problem.

When the server is down, or when there’s a different problem with the WhatsApp system, the app will not be able to connect you with your WhatsApp friends.

Now, this might sound silly to some of you, but WhatsApp has taken the initiative to inform its users on such ongoing problems. Whether WhatsApp is down, or if there’s a never-ending “Connecting” message displayed on the app, you can find out all this and much more using social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Go ahead and connect with WhatsApp through Facebook or Twitter. For instance, WhatsApp isn’t working at the time of writing this article, and this was the message posted on the official WhatsApp page on Facebook: “System currently having problems. Will update you as we learn more. Sorry for the downtime.”

Similarly, another quick and easy way to know the status of WhatsApp is to check the @wa_status Twitter account. Here, the folks at WhatsApp will post a Tweet whenever WhatsApp goes down or comes back up.

Update: Apparently, there is a way to force WhatsApp to work again. Simple reboot your phone.

Update 2: The Twitter account mentions that WhatsApp has been “fully restored now.”

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