Whopping 3600 iPad Minis Stolen From US Airport

By Ajinkye | Apple

“Opportunity makes a thief.” That’s a saying from English Philosopher Francis Bacon, but ordinary blokes took the saying literally and marched on to steal thousands of gorgeous iPad minis from the US airport.

Apple had to bear a huge setback on Monday night as numerous iPad minis were stolen by two unidentified thieves from an airport, according to a report in The New York Post. While the whole world was eagerly waiting to get their iPad minis, these thieves successfully managed to effortlessly carry thousands of them.

These iPad minis were stolen from a cargo building at John Kennedy airport. According to the details by The New York Post, around 3600 pieces were looted. That’s almost 25KG of iPads! Or $1.5 million worth of iPads.

Sources say that this whole mission was planned all the way along. Someone let these thieves into the building and then let them out after the job was done. The thieves smartly escaped and quickly drove away, leaving the guards behind in agony.

The criminals stole two pallets of iPad minis and carried them in a tractor. The matter was apparent when three pallets, left away by thieves, were found at the airport. The officials have started investigating the matter and the employees Tramadol 50mg online, workers and administrators are taken up for enquiry. iPad minis were imported from China and were to be shipped by a company that goes by the name Cargo Airport Services. But since, security in the building wasn’t tight enough, crooks swooped on these mini tablets.

The officials haven’t still declared the exact models that were stolen as it comes in different storage (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) and colour (Black, silver, white) options. History states that the security in the Cargo building is weak as 5 million in cash and nearly $900,000 worth of jewelry was robbed from the same building in earlier years. The robbery of iPads is being considered as one of the biggest in USA.

The New York post has reported that: “The alleged mastermind of the robbery was Luchese crime-family associate James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke. He allegedly got away with the crime after whacking nearly all of his co-conspirators in the heist — a legendary gangland bloodbath that was recounted in one of the most famous sequences of the Martin Scorsese film “GoodFellas.” Quite Interesting!

We wish every pallet of iPad has at least one iPad switched on, and has Find My Phone feature activated. That way, even if someone steals boxes of iPads, Apple can use their own tracking technology to find their precious babies.

Via The New York Post

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