Windows Vs. Mac OS X – Which is the Best Operating System?

By Sidharth | Apple

The folks at iTok shares an interesting infographic throwing both the Operating System in the ring and succinctly outlining a neat comparison between Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac OS.

Let’s get down to the facts and have a quick look at Windows Vs. Mac OS X, and find out which one is a winner:

Windows Vs. Mac Infographic:

Best Operating System?

Who’s the winner? Because there is an unsettling heat between the Windows and Mac OS users, I’ll leave it to you to decide.

However, from the number of units sold, Mac machines are certainly picking up steam while Windows growth has been phenomenal over the years.

Yes, Windows OS sales are dwindling as we speak, but as you know Windows OS comes in flavors of Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, there are a lot of Windows machines blooming every year. It’s a known fact that Microsoft’s Windows OS is widely adapted in schools and offices.

My three-year-old Windows PC sits left of my desk, usually turned off, while my iMac takes the lead for my primary usage, predominantly because of the huge 27-inch screen, which makes multitasking a breeze.

Also, Windows 7 breathes on my Mac hardware, and I use Windows 7 OS regularly for my blogging needs. So, forgive for being neutral, but I love both the OSes.

Though I have to admit that I have an unequivocal love for Mac OS X Lion.

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