YouTube Video on Jailbreaking iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 Using JailbreakME

By Sidharth | Apple

JailbreakME is here, and everyone’s excited to get down and dirty to install cydia on their iDevices. As I was catching up with the latest Jailbreaking news, I came over 9to5mac community that posted videos to show that jailbreaking with really works – it’s a piece of cake as the jailbreakers claim.

9to5Mac hosted the videos on YouTube couple of hours ago and from the updates posted on their blog, it seems that Facetime and MMS are working flawlessly after restoring. 9to5 also updates:

Update: We’ve been told by Chronic Dev-Team that FaceTime and MMS may not work properly on some devices. To fix, do a fresh restore and re-jailbreak — that may do the trick. Let us know.

Update 2x: We’ve installed the jailbreak on 4 iPhone 4s and both FaceTime and MMS still work flawlessly on all devices.

Update 3x: One of our devices lost FaceTime and MMS after restarting.

Video of JailBreakMe on iPhone 3G Running iOS 4: (6.5min)

Video of JailBreakMe on  iPhone 4 Running iOS 4: (1min)

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