Closing Email Account

“Really? What makes you think I will be closing down my email account.” A friend said¬† to me when I told him to delete his old email address. He said I was crazy. Creating an email account doesn’t require you to pay anything — it’s free, and best of all, you can create multiple accounts.

Then why would I want to shut down my account?

For many of us deleting an account is a safe way to vaporize our data from company’s server. You don’t want companies like Google, Microsoft storing your messages anymore. You may be afraid that someone, someday, may hack into your account. You want privacy! You are done with these email accounts… You want to start afresh. You get the point!

There are tonnes of reasons why closing an email account makes sense. I have put down my 4 years of email adventure in this page, and I believe this should help anyone looking for assistance in shutting down their email account.

Deleting Hotmail Account

Microsoft has clearly mentioned that you can close your Hotmail account, but you must know that it takes some time to initiate the deleting process. Time to wait: whopping 270 days! Who says I am crazy? Microsoft, you are!
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Deleting Gmail Account

A Gmail account means you have access to Google Plus, YouTube, etc. Google really “connected” every Google’s services with its Gmail account. Hate ’em? Find out how to delete Gmail account.

Deleting Yahoo! Account

Deactivating Yahoo! email address barely requires any time.

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