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The Best Guide to Delete Browser’s History

I delete my browser’s history frequently, almost every day! It not only feels good but also avoids embarrassing situation when someone else is typing on the browser’s address bar and an unexpected URL shows up.

All the previously visited URLs are stored in your browser, including every Google search, and every Facebook page you have visited. If you haven’t deleted the history from a long time, say a year, then your browser can get really, really slow. As AT&T points out, if your browser hangs of freezes regularly, it is best to clear your browsing history.

Here is an exclusive guide to help you erase history on some of the popular browsers. Listing all the best browsers, and how to erase history can be a long read. Keeping that in mind, I have created mini-pages to help you navigate easily. Visit the links to jump around.

Table of Contents

1. Delete Browser History on Computer

1.1. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer from Microsoft is one of the widely used Windows browser. Here is a complete guide to erase history from your Internet Explorer browser.

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1.2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla’s Firefox browser needs no introduction. It’s a browser with the world’s largest number of downloads in 24 hours. Do I need to say more? Learn how to delete history from Mozilla Firefox browser.

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1.3. Google Chrome

Google introduced Chrome browser to the world in 2009, and because of Google’s genuine marketing, the browser managed to top the charts real quick. Discover how to erase Chrome browser’s history right now.

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1.4. Apple’s Safari

Apple calls Safari as the “most innovative web browser.” Learn how to erase history from Apple’s Safari browser.

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1.5. Opera

Opera has a fan following of over 270 million users. Opera’s mobile browser, the Opera mini, is one of the widely used Internet browser on the mobile phones. Find out how to delete Opera’s browsing history.

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2. Delete Browser History on Smartphones

2.1. iPhone