Alternative Uses and Advantages of Home Wi-Fi Connection that You Never Knew

By Kaushik | Features

Your home Wi-Fi network isn’t limited to only connecting to the internet wirelessly, it is your imagination which limits it to serving just this purpose. But in today’s technological age as with all devices this too serves multiple purposes.

So here are some uses that you can achieve with your Wi-Fi connection which you did not know of.

1) Convert phone into remote – If you have all your home computers connected to the same Wi-Fi network then you can easily connect your smart phone to the same network and control them through the device. Apps such as the Gmote for Android devices and the iTunes controlling remote app for the iPhone help bring out your inner couch potato.

2) Sharing a printer – No more plugging and unplugging your printer to different computers in the house just to print documents. Connect the printer to the Wi-Fi network and turn it into a standalone printing hub and print stuff from whichever computer in the house without having to move the printer. You can even print stuff off your smart phone the same way.


3) Use your smart phone for anywhere internet – Instead of looking for Wi-Fi signals to connect to wherever you go, you can use your phone as a wireless router and connect to your phone’s internet service through your PC. So as long as you have signal on your cell phone you will have internet.

4) Stream movies to any TV – Rather than burning movies onto disks or investing in an expensive media system, you can build your own home media server and stream videos over Wi-Fi to any TV using a device such as the X-Box 360m or the PlayStation. And when it comes to transferring media between computers, hundreds of apps and protocols are available to serve this purpose.

5) Sync your phone/device USB free – You can sync your phones and devices over Wi-Fi without having to physically connect them to the computer. Called Wi-Fi syncing, it eliminates the hassle of having to connect the devices physically and a large number of applications are available to enable it.

6) Sharing files between computers – You can share files between computers in a Wi-Fi network as in a traditional wired network. This makes it one of the best ways to transfer stuff between two or more computers in the same home network.

So there you go, from sharing files between devices to reducing everyday hassles, you home Wi-Fi network does it all. Go try one of these out today and make the most of your Wi-Fi network.

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