Awesome Nexus One Unboxing Video. Ninja’s Unboxing Nexus Phone

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

The Google Phone – Nexus one is available now. More than 20,000 units were sold on the very first week and the response for this Smartphone has been pretty awesome from the user side, although their are few bugs that needs to be fixed.

As an Google product, there have been several write ups on Nexus one, various nexus one commercial and unboxing videos which are already buzzing the web world. So, how can we remain silent 😀

Watch the Nexus Unboxing Video

One of the user of Youtube, Patrick (Profile) has come up with an interesting Nexus one unboxing video which is quite amusing due to the fact that Ninja’s open up Nexus one Phone. Watch it for yourself..Great work! Thanks Patrick for allowing us to republish the video.

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