Best Adblock Chrome Extensions to Block ads in Google Chrome Browser

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In this post I will be talking about the best adblocking addons extensions for Google chrome. As you know, Google rolled out the new extension features that works just like Firefox and as similar to adblock+ for Firefox we have Adblock for Chrome browser too!

Some Chrome adblock addons are still in the development stage whereas others are already working flawlessly. So, without further ado let me review all the popular and the best adblock extensions to block ads on Chrome:

– AdThwart Adblocker for Chrome

What it does: Adthwart addon is an typical adblocking extension that reduces the number of ads seen on webpages by blocking them. Although the addon is still in it’s primitive state but has been already downloaded 35000 times. Download Adthwart


Works? Sadly, the devilish icon laughs at you without blocking the ads.. Yes, it didn’t work for me! But the future updates include easylist that allows you to filter advertisements from online websites. So keep an eye on this upcoming adblocker.. Rating 2/5.

– Adsweep Adblock for Chrome

What it does: Adsweep was already an alternate way to block ads from webpages on Safari, opera and Chrome but now they have released an official addon to block ads on Google chrome. The only best adblock extension available for Chrome browser that is really working. Download Adsweep


Works? YES! But I can’t find an icon to disable it 😀 I am still playing with it though. It blocks most of the advertisements on the website and luckily it’s the only working Chrome adblocker. Oh yeah, it doesn’t block inline advertisements. Rating 3.5/5

Other adblockers extensions?

I checked the chrome extensions gallery which have some extensions like block Flash (doesn’t work), Facebook adblock and I believe more sophisticated addons for blocking ads are on there way for chrome browser. So stick around by subscribing to our feeds.

And, If you are looking for bookmarklets then check out this post which has the adblock+ for chrome bookmarklet. Add it to your chrome browser and block most of the adverts!

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Simon March 2, 2011

The original Adblock Plus you know from Firefox is now available for Chrome as well! It works faster and does the best job in ad-blocking, even on Youtube video-ads. It can be downloaded at

weddy February 27, 2010

Just installed AdSweep and reloaded this page, and the only thing showing in the main column are the comments — not even the main article made it past adsweep ROFL

so I’d say it works a little TOO well

    how June 29, 2010

    Wow an ad-blocker that can’t take filters… what is it for ?
    Sort of famous wannabe teeny kiddy script huh.

John Smith February 25, 2010

To disable adsweep you right-click on the icon in the status bar when it appears and there is a disable option.

arienh4 February 5, 2010

I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but AdSweep is on the gallery. Also, what I was talking about was nowhere near constructive criticism.

d3vil itachi January 27, 2010

its mainly the adds they show before videos that i hate and i have yet to find one that does this y it does block add on youtube videos but there are other websites i watch videos if anyone finds a extention that does this please email me at

ReaperX January 22, 2010

AdThwart Adblocker is horrible!!! You should try the others adblockers….

Marco Meerman January 6, 2010

Is Google against his owm business model? Allowing a add blocker in Google Chrome is like digging his own grave. It also brings the question to mind: Do we need advertisement (never click on ads anyways)?

But it works; Less annoying/ agressive/ epileptic adverts. Maybe advertisers will turn to their own table and draw some more friendly adverts because of the AdBlock software.

Thanks, this makes life liveable on the Internet.

stevepaul December 29, 2009

Considering how recent your Blog on Ad Blocking is, it is surprisingly incomplete when you consider you have reviewed all the 'most popular' extensions available for Chrome ….

On the Extensions Gallery there are currently another 4 in addition to AdThwart (AdSweep is no longer on the gallery because the author doesn't like constructive criticism !!) ….

To do this job properly you should have at least mentioned …

AdBlock, AdBlock+, AdBlock Chromium and Chrome Web Filter …

These extensions are not in their infancy, in actual fact, after AdSweep, AdBlock + has probably been around the longest …

Then there are the Proxy variety …

BFilter, Privoxy and Proxomitron …

jpwhite December 16, 2009

AdThwart have added the Easylist subscription as of Dec 15th

This is what their website says: Blocks ads on websites. Includes the EasyList ad filter list as of 15 Dec 2009.

Vaibhav Kanwal December 10, 2009

I might try switching over to Chrome now that it has Adblock feature using this extension. The main reason I am not switching from Firefox is that It has Greasemoneky and AdBlockPlus

    PacoBell December 13, 2009

    I dunno about the Chrome betas, but Chromium has had userscript (read: Greasemonkey) support for quite some time now. And, yeah, adblock on Chrome is the tipping point for me, too ^_^

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