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download_flv_playerSo which is the best FLV player to watch FLV videos without purchasing commercial flash FLV software? Perhaps this post should help you out as I list out some of the best FLV player that are absolutely free to download, enabling you to watch videos of .FLV extension.

Before I talk about FLV players, here is a small tip solution for those of you who are interested in watching FLV videos on Winamp, Windows media player on your platform – Download k-Lite codec pack and install it on your system. This eliminates the need to download FLV player, but if you are looking for such flv based freeware then here are some of the best freeware I recommended you to download.

Best FLV Players Freeware

  • MC Media Player –  With MC Media player you will be able to play flv videos, swf files and images effectively. The flv based player comes with a panel tree allowing you to quickly browse local drive. Mc Media player is free and supports MP3, SWF, JPG, GIF, PNG, MOV, FLV formats.
  • SM Player – I’ve already reviewed SM player earlier (link) which is an simple player supporting Mp4, VOB, Mp3 and FLV format. I’ve been using SM player from quite some time, pretty useful player.
  • FLV Player 2.0.25 –  A simple video player created just to play FLV format videos. FLV player is easy to use, allows you to watch flv videos in different sizes seamlessly. Just drag and drop your flv video on the flv player screen to watch the video.
  • VLC Media Player – VLC player is a full featured multi media player that is known to play tons of video formats (of course FLV format too). You can customize VLC skins and watch most of the standard video, audio formats. Easily VLC player is a replacement for media player and other windows mp3 player.

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