Best Spy Equipments And Spy Gadgets that Makes Spying Easier

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As a rule, Spying is unethical. But sometimes, you have to keep your morals aside and spy for the sake of knowing the undisclosed truth. Using Spy equipments plays an vital role in spying your partners or anyone you want.

Thanks to spy gadgets and equipments that can spy or record audio, take instant pictures, which have been proven to expose unpleasant moments. In anyway, these high tech spy equipments and spy gadgets can undemandingly make life much more easier! So, here we showcase some of the best spy equipments and spying devices.. check ‘em out!

audio_spy_equipmentBest Spy Equipments For Spying – Video, Audio Spy Gadgets

Reach in your pocket for your lighter to burn the cigar and the victim doesn’t mind that, for sure. But, less do they know that this lighter or Micro stick is an digital camcorder that can record video and audio simultaneously.

Micro Stick is an mini compact audio and video recorder spying gadget that has an super small camera fitted on it’s behind, comes with 1GB memory, you can easily record an video of 33 hour length. Super easy and super effective gadget!

watch_spy_gadgetAnother range of realistically crafted audio spying gadgets are built through watches. Wrist watches are converted into spy gadgets by addition of creativity and technology.

Check out this Gold wrist watch recorder which can record even an rustling conversations with it’s hidden voice recorder. The price of such watches may range depending on the features, however, this very wrist watch is around $150 and provides an 6-10 hours reasonable recording.


The last one is Spy Kite: As the name speaks for itself, this nifty spy equipment named SPY kite is an electronic hand kite that flies over your head and captures digital images of the ground.

Call it a mini satellite spying device, spy kite can be useful to take photograph for evidence or just for fun.

And, you can invite trouble with this equipment because spy kite is bulky and is clearly visible, you need to keep your victim’s head down, always 😛

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