BlackBerry Torch 9800 Comes With BlackBerry OS 6

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

The much awaited next generation BlackBerry Smart Phone is finally here. Or rather it will be here on 12th August, 2010, with huge hopes resting on its well carved shoulders. Not only will the BlackBerry 9800 decide (at least to a certain extent) the future of RIM in the smartphone market, it will also showcase the capacity of the BlackBerry OS 6.

The latest BlackBerry product named ‘Torch’, is already kindling a lot of interest among smartphone aficionados — something which has been solely reserved for Apple and Android devices till date. And there’s actually a lot more that BlackBerry 9800 Torch has to offer.


The all new Blackberry Torch 9800 SmartPhone

Quick walkthrough of the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Features:

First, the BlackBerry 9800 phone comes with a slider form factor. There are both virtual (touch) and conventional QWERTY keyboards along with an optical trackpad. As said previously, the Blackberry 9800 torch comes pre-loaded with the all new BlackBerry OS 6, which has features such as tabbed browsing to access several web pages at a time and also pinch-to-zoom.

You will enjoy the improved messaging capabilities of this phone, because this time there is group messaging for up to ten different contacts and locations. Social networking integrated like never before with dedicated feeds for Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

Media apps have never been so prioritized on a BlackBerry device. You now have easy access to Bloomberg, ESPN, CNN, Fandango, YPmobile, The Weather Channel, Slacker Radio Plus and Web Video Search.

Then of course there is a 5MP camera to take snaps whenever you like. Flash, auto-focus and some environment settings may also attract your attention. Looking for something that’s there on the phone, but cannot remember its location? Go for a Universal Search from the home screen itself.

Cutting edge Wi-Fi N network support allows you to browse the web at never before speeds, download stuff and watch streaming content on Blackberry torch 9800. Also you can make use of more than 20,000 AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spots available all over the country to get online whenever you need.

The phone is already being showcased on AT&T’s website and you can own Blackberry torch for $199 on a two-year contract. Decent deal!

The question is: will the new Blackberry torch 9800 get RIM back in the game? It is still the market leader, but the way the others are growing; the lead may not last long. However, if the 9800 Torch does manage to prevent the BlackBerry users, planning to defect to Android and Apple phones, from doing so, RIM should be able to call this phone a grand success!

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