Cheapest Nokia SmartPhone: Nokia X2 Available [Quick Look at the Nokia X2 Features]

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The launch of the X2 by Nokia went by pretty much unnoticed by almost all. Which is unusual because this isn’t just any other phone. It was marketed by Nokia as the cheapest 5 mega-pixel camera phone on the market with upto 16 GB of memory expansion via micro SD cards. All this at a measly $120 (Rs. 6000).

However this phone, though been out for the past few months now, hasn’t really set the market ablaze as Nokia would have liked. Let us see what’s in store with Nokia X2 device and how it fares. Nokia X2 Camera

For a phone that banks on its camera as its primary asset, it fails spectacularly when its pictures are compared with any other 5 mega-pixel camera phones. The lack of auto focusing results in muted colors and the details aren’t very well reproduced. The slight plus is: no auto focus and snapping performance with very small shutter lag.

Images are a lot larger than what most entry level phones can produce, with enough quality to print at a decent size. However photographs only look good at small sizes and large crops result in loss of detail. The phone does feature an LED flash however it isn’t up to scratch and works well only for short range pictures.

More Features of Nokia X2 SmartPhone

Other than the inclusion of the high resolution camera, it is a standard Nokia budget phone with a few things that set it apart from its brethren. The phone looks good and the design is really quite eye catching what with the curved black panel and the intelligent use of gloss.

Also the new silver and blue combo introduced by Nokia for this device is quite a beauty. The phone is also available in red/black like most Nokia Xpress Music devices. It also features dedicated music keys and a 3.5 mm jack to plug in your choice of earphones. The flash also works as a torch and the phone has a built in antenna so the FM radio works even without having to plug in the ear phones.

The interface is classic s60- so Nokia users won’t find it at all difficult to get used to the device. Battery life is commendable with the device having a standby time of up to 540 hours.

Another thing that sets Nokia X2 phone apart from the rest is: the inclusion of Ovi services. Ovi is Nokia’s application and music store- so X2 users can directly access the Ovi store and download their favorites. This is the first of Nokia’s low end devices to feature this service. So, even though it doesn’t compare to other 5 mega-pixel camera phones, Nokia X2 is quite a good buy for its low price.

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