ChromePass recovers stored password in Google chrome browser

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Chrome pass is another freeware utility built for Google chrome web browser which stores and imports your Passwords along with login details in case if you don’t remember them!

Alternatively you can try these Chrome full backup methods but if you are looking for a good password manager utility then chromepass works well,chromepass not only notifies you about those stored password but also allows you to save them in text,html or xml format.

Chromepass freeware doesn’t require any installation,just download this zip file ,extract and run the file.When you run chromepass executable file you will be able to see the website (origin url) your username along with password and other login details. Next time if you want to import your google chrome password then you can open chromepass application or use these commands in the dos prompt.Pretty small and useful chrome utility!

  • /stext Save the list of passwords into a regular text file.
  • /stabular Save the list of passwords into a tabular text file.
  • /shtml Save the list of passwords into HTML file (Horizontal).
  • /sverhtml Save the list of passwords into HTML file (Vertical).
  • /sxml Save the list of passwords to XML file.

Download Chromepass (More info) Thanks to Techie Buzz for the idea πŸ™‚

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Adam October 8, 2008

The developer(s) at nirsoft are great πŸ˜‰ Always releasing cool stuff.

I wonder how possible it would be to “import” passwords INTO Chrome though….? Or really, any browser for that matter……?

Would be a neat idea to try πŸ™‚

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