Direct Download Link — Firefox 4 Beta on Windows.

By Sidharth | Features

I convinced myself to try out the latest Firefox 4 browser, although in beta phase, the browser comes with modest features and an intuitive interface that looks good so far.

The interface, with stylized Google chrome like tabs, is sleek. The revamped looks and HTML5 support are some significant features added along with the improved performance into the beta version of Firefox 4. Apart from 3D rendering is the addition of crash protection as well.

Download Firefox 4 Beta 1 [Windows]

For curious minds who are wanting to try out this new browser can click on the download link given below. There’s a add-on manager, privacy control and a well thought out bookmark toolbar, and some more nifty features that you’ll explore while browsing around.


As expected, the Firefox 4 beta browser tries to speed up things and load the webpages faster than before. Have to say, it does handles the pages very well. By the way, you can also try out the speedy fox tool to optimize you Firefox browser. Learn about Speedy fox.

Download link For Firefox 4 Beta Browser

Click here to download Firefox 4.0 beta 1 (For Windows)

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