Download DivX mobile player for windows and Symbian phones

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Divx is a popular video player which lets you watch .divx video files.Divx player is also available for mobile phones! This free player will let you watch videos on your mobile easily.Divx has many quality features which not only encodes,decodes and plays video files but also the codecs of divx are recognized and they are one of the best video compression of multimedia world.


Playing the .divx videos from Mobile                                             

divx_mobile_phone_playerThe divx mobile player installation works just like the normal divx pc installation.First download divx mobile player depending on the type of OS you are using (works with windows and symbian phones).Connect your mobile phone to your computer by using data cable or if you are using memory card then connect with a card reader.Drag and drop the .divx files from your computer hard disk onto your mobile phone.Also you can send and share divx videos by launching the mobile browser like Opera mini and select the browser option to send/share a link of the video or channel.

One more thing to note while using mobile divx player is that if your phone isn’t DivX Certified, you still might be able to watch DivX video on your phone but if your mobile phone is Divx certified then you are bound to get good quality video from divx player on your mobile screen.


Divx player is built differently for different cell phones,according to your mobile phone’s OS choose the files,download and install on your phone.Here the following platform which divx mobile player supports :

Windows Mobile 5.0 or later including:
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 (Smartphone and PocketPC)
  • Windows Mobile 6 (Standard, Classic and Professional)
Symbian OS 9.0 or later including:
  • Symbian OS S60 3rd Edition
  • Symbian OS UIQ 3.0

Download DivX player for Mobile phones

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DMX September 23, 2008

OK, this is very nice, but nobody speaks in technical specs! What is the minimum required CPU to watch DivX? Will it work on a TI 200 MHz CPU? Or on Samsung 400 MHz CPU? And what about Nokia CPUs? And SonyEricsson P1 for example? What does it mean worse quality? Will the videos keep freezing or just the picture won’t be perfectly clear?

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