Download Opera 11.01 Update–Provides Security Fixes And Stability Improvements

By Sidharth | Features

Opera has released the Opera 11.01, the newest version of its popular web browser. This updated version of Opera browser adds stability improvements and closes the critical security holes–especially the vulnerability that was reported in the Opera community last week.

Opera has listed the changelogs included with the Opera 11.01 update, which includes numerous fixes including the fix for mouse gesture sensitivity. The support for the Javascript URLs has been eliminated while the recognition issues and the site specific issues have been taken care of in this update.

As Opera points out, this is a recommended update for every Opera user. All you have to do to download Opera 11.01 is to head over to the official website and download the appropriate version for Mac, Windows or Linux. You can also update Opera from your browser by clicking on Menu –> Help –> Check for Updates.

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