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The latest pre-release version of the Opera browser, Opera 11 Beta is here. And just like every other version of Opera, this one comes packed with exciting new features.

Although the interface remains pretty much the same, but there are a few new bells and whistles. The two worth mentioning features are: tab stacking and addition of extensions.

One thing that Opera has worked extensively on, that no other browsers have, is in enhancing the tab features. This time, Opera has implemented tab stacking — to organize tabs in a better way. You can drag multiple tabs together and group them alongside each other.


Then we have Opera extensions. These are free add-ons that adds fuel to your Opera 11 engine. As of this writing, there are around 150 extensions available on the Opera website ranging from productivity to social networking tools. Since the Opera 11 alpha release, over 500,000 extensions have been downloaded.

Also, visual mouse gestures, HTML5 support and search prediction are part of the Opera 11 innovative browser.

Download Opera 11 Beta Browser

Opera 11 browser is great. With an easy to use interface, Opera unite and tab stacking – there’s really nothing to complain about. Go ahead and give a shot at Opera 11 browser, the installation is blazing fast, too.


Download Opera 11 beta version by clicking here.

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