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Opera browser has an option where you can install a skin to make it look catchy! If you have applied or installed any skins or themes on Opera browser any time, you will know these skins comes with a lot of customization option.

After upgrading to the latest Opera browser (Opera 9.6.1 beta download) I hopped over at Opera Skin community to find some genuinely good looking themes. As I love the new Safari browser, I thought I’d go ahead and download a Safari-like theme for Opera. Here’s the screenshot of the browser (Opera), after applying the skin.


This Safari theme resembles the Apple Mac Safari browser and is one of the neat Opera Skin I have come across.

There is a animated loading icon and a small RSS icon along with a and folder icon. So far I have been switching between the Safari skin and Chrome Opera skin. The theme works perfectly, and the greyish look is exactly what helps me browse the web and doesn’t strain my eyes while browsing.

Opera skins are always free, so you don’t have to think twice before downloading this. This skin has been tested with Opera 9.5 and Opera 9.6 version.

Download Safari Opera Skin from here

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Anamilia November 12, 2008

Thanx for an awesome theme.

amit November 3, 2008

the who are willing to buy an outstanding browser must go for safari browser. So people just go and use Safari

    Abhishek July 16, 2010

    What the blazes are you talking about amit? All browsers and themes mentioned in this article are cross-platform and free of charge.

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