Motorola Droid 2: First Impressions Post-Launch

By Jay Shah | Cell Phones

Right after much anticipation, speculation and several chewed down nails, the Droid 2 is finally here. And the good motorola-droid2-review-smartphonenews is that all the waiting has been worthwhile because in the Droid 2 you have a phone which should stand up to the iPhone and other Droid smartphone big boys quite easily.

Though the phone looks quite similar to the original Droid it is a completely different animal under the hood. A complete teardown has revealed that there is a now a Texas Instruments processor which clocks a zippy 1GHz, which puts the Droid 2 at par with the best smartphone processors and leagues above the original Droid which has a 550 MHz processor.

The 512MB RAM memory module for Droid 2 is manufactured by Elpida Memory, while the 8GB Flash memory is a SanDisk contribution. So if you have read some of the hastily composed reviews of the Droid 2, coming out in the past few hours, which complain that the Droid and Droid 2 have similar specs, don’t make any hasty conclusions. This phone is miles ahead and much different than the Droid Smartphones.

While the Droid 2 may not be a tech revolution in itself, it would be grossly unfair to dismiss it as ‘old wine in a new bottle’, as some reviews in circulation seem to be doing. Apple fans at work? Well, let’s keep the conspiracy theories aside and focus on the Droid 2 for now!

Some observations after unboxing the Droid 2 for the first time:

The handset does not give you those classy vibes you expect from the looks, design and finish of a high-end smartphone. Motorola Droid 2 seems to have tried too hard to achieve mass appeal and actually ended up in no-man’s land!


The keys on the keyboard are more pronounced than those in the Droid. The center of each key has been given a dome-shape to achieve this effect. Now whether it will actually help you type better is what remains to be seen.


Though it comes with the much awaited Android 2.2 Froyo update as the pre-loaded OS, you may take some time to get to the new features because of the confusing presence of MotoBlur.

Much like the Droid X it has a locked boot-loader which prevents hacking of the phone. So, if you are looking for a quick jailbreak, you may be in for disappointment.


Will the Droid 2 create a niche of its own or will it simply be recognized as another Android phone from the Motorola-Verizon stable? The next few weeks will make that clear!

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