Expensive Costliest Apple iPhones

By Sidharth | Cell Phones

Apple iPhone, as you know is an elegant Smartphone from Apple with some excellent specifications at a reasonable price. At times, Apple iPhone applications have grown drastically and nearly 10% of the teens in USA owns an iPhone. Also when chances of losing your iPhone is high, you can try out the methods to recover lost iPhone that can help you in securing your iPhone.

Below is the list of some of the luxury iPhone designed by companies, designers that are not only attractive but also expensive. Some of these costliest iPhone are already released but not many people own them because of the price tag. 😉

The Gold iPhone

With 24 carat gold surrounded to the iPhone, this Golden iPhone is an perfect accessory to gift your girlfriend. The edges are surrounded with thick gold making it heavier than the normal Apple iPhone. The price if not disclosed yet but I can assure you it has enough potential to reduce your long life earnings into half 😉


Expensive Platinum iPhone

Perhaps the most expensive phone in the world, this expensive platinum iPhone costs at around 1.6m pounds has platinum encrusted with diamond and gold plating. Along with this, there is a rare diamond embedded in the bottom center for a luxurious look.


Diamond iPhone

With 500 diamonds on this iPhone, this diamond Apple iPhone can leave you pondering over the price which is estimated around 41000$.


Solid Gold iPhone

Another Gold iPhone completely made with the pure Solid Gold can break if the iPhone slips from your hand, the apple logo is layered with diamonds and gold is used on the body of this Apple iPhone. An another way to impress or gift your loved ones, price tag – only 34000$


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