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If you are looking for one good completely free software to lock and unlock your files/folders then download Folder Lockbox freeware which password protects your files in folders or the whole folder.

Why to Lock/Password protect your Files and Folders

  • To protect Important documents
  • To avoid accidental file deletion
  • To secure files from intruder
  • To hide the files from other system users
  • To Maintain privacy of data

Folder lockbox password protecting freeware  locks files, folders, drives, USB drives and CD/DVD-RW,apart from that the software has cool 5 different skins too and is really simple to use.The software comes with a password protection so that no one can access the software unless the right password is entered.

A look on some of the features,benefits of Folder lockbox :

  • Simple locking & unlocking interface
  • Password protect any file type
  • Easy to lock files & folders
  • Locked folders are not accessible as it is password protected
  • Unlock files/folders with few clicks
  • Use various skins like Metal,Office
  • Complete freeware software for download

To use Folder lockbox,enter your password and browse for the files or folder you want to lock or unlock! Compared to other trial version folder locking software,I feel Folder lockbox is the best as it is free full version and completes the task as promised!

Download Folder Lockbox

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