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Firefox browser being one of the most used web browser is empowered with addons/extension and themes making it flexible and easy for customization.There are numerous addons which are useful and one such addon is Foxtab which gives Firefox a easy visual 3D type tabbed navigation.

This is a experimental firefox addon which will enrich the tab browsing experience,this addon is still not in a public release state,so if you want to download this then you have to register and login to Mozilla addon community.Foxtab will let you view tabs in a visual 3D effect instantly and allow you to view FoxTab window in large,small or medium screen mode.
Once the addon is installed you will get a simple icon which once clicked will display the opened tabs in the firefox browser window.You can choose the tab styles by selecting the option from the right bottom window.

Stack – Browsing tabs are 3D stacked one behind the other
Wall – Tabs are displayed in a cool way!
Grid – Tabs are aligned on gridbr
Row – Tabs are arranged horizontally
Circle – Tabs are placed around a 3D circle

Here are some of the features of Foxtab firefox addon

  • Easy Tab switching
  • Open tabs as thumbnails
  • Vistas Flip 3D type styled tabbing
  • Eye candy tab thumbnails
  • Easy Tab customization

Download FoxTab Firefox addon

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Sidharth February 2, 2009

@stratosg – I have used does consume bit of memory! but if you are more interested in the product functionality then give this a try 😉

stratosg September 19, 2008

have you tested the performance on this one? firefox is already all over the place with memory does this take it to the sky??

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