Free Driver Doctor Updates Drivers For Windows XP, Vista

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Device drivers are quite necessary for proper functioning of hardware devices such as modem, hard disk and sound card. Sometimes, the drivers installed on your windows machine isn’t upto date.

For this reason we have to either manually update the drivers or make use of freeware programs such as ‘Driver doctor’ which checks for old drivers and updates them with the new one’s easily.

Get Driver Doctor (Device Doctor)

Device doctor is a freeware program without any malware issues. The program works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Device doctor has 3TB of drivers database and provides updated drivers for free download in it’s hassle free interface. To fix the missing windows drivers or to update drivers just download and setup device doctor.

So, if you have Nvidia or other drivers installed on your computer then I suggest you to check for latest drivers and update them with the same! Also, try out driver sweeper to clean out the older drivers from your computer.

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Old_Man_Dotes October 18, 2009

Figuring I can always reinstall, I just tried this program on a new installation of Windows 7 Ultimate. It failed to identify the video card at all, did not detect that I do not have a drive for the SCSI card, offered me a “driver update” for my bog-standard 104-key keyboard, and attempted to install the wrong driver for my IDE controller. That's 4 strikes right out of the box (any software that claims to support Vista should work just fine on Windows 7, it's the same code base). So, maybe it's safe – but for my money, it's worthless.

    Sidharth October 18, 2009

    Thanks for the update. Perhaps the 3TB database isn't really up to date for your kind of drivers (but the program is updated on Oct 15th) and maybe you should also try out driver verifier

    And the program does functional better than any paid apps around (

    Maybe slightly inaccurate but works fine from here 🙂

Old_Man_Dotes October 17, 2009

“Driver doctor is a freeware program without any malware issues.”

I disagree. I see it as spyware, and I don't trust it. You are far better off to go to your computer OEM's Web site to find drivers.

    Sidharth October 18, 2009

    I am SORRY but the program is really free from malwares.

    Actually, I've mentioned the program name incorrectly – It's not DRIVER doctor, instead it's known as DEVICE doctor.

    Sorry for the typo – It's rectified now. And thanks for passing by 🙂

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