Get Free Mac OS X Snow Leopard Upgrade

By Sidharth | Apple

Free copy of Mac OS X Snow Leopard is now available for all the existing MobileMe users.

Upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In an effort to push users from MobileMe to iCloud, Apple is offering its MobileMe* customers a free upgrade to Snow Leopard.

To get your copy of Snow Leopard DVD for free, simply head over to this link, enter your MobileMe account details and provide a mailing address.

Move Data From MobileMe to iCloud

Note that even if you are upgrading to Snow Leopard, you won’t be able to copy data from MobileMe to iCloud account. This is solely because iCloud works only on Mac OS X Lion.

As posted by Macgasm, if you are an existing MobileMe user, you need to follow these three steps for moving data to iCloud:

Step 1: Get your free DVD of Snow Leopard through MobileMe — this is only for Macs running OS older than Snow Leopard.

Step 2: Launch Mac App Store, and then upgrade your machine to Mac OS X Lion — you need to pay $30 for upgrading from Snow Leopard to Lion.

Step 3: Go to System Preferences -> iCloud and transfer the data from MobileMe to your new iCloud account. This should take a while.

Ultimately, Apple wants you to upgrade your Macs to Lion and attract MobileMe users to iCloud. You can sign a petition if you want Apple to bring iCloud on Snow Leopard.

And for those who want to upgrade your Macs but don’t want to upgrade to Snow Leopard, read this tutorial on installing Lion without Snow Leopard.

*MobileMe service is set to close at the end of June this year.

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