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A quick walk through across some of the best free malware removal programs and softwares to protect your computer from those harmful malware and spywares!

Using the internet today has become a part and parcel of our lives. But we should also be aware of all the dangers to which we expose our computer systems. One of the most harassing and problematic situations arise when your computer gets affected by malwares. Computer Hi-jacking has grown to alarming rates and we must ensure that our data remain safe.

Mentioned below are the best free Malware programs (Anti Malware softwares) that can be downloaded and used for protection of your computers.

Spybot-Search and destroy is an ingenuous software which helps remove spyware from your computer. Spywares are used by professional hackers to hi-jack sensitive information from a computer which includes credit-card numbers, passwords and the like. You can download Spybot-Search and destroy for free from here.


This software also has an effective shredder and modified engine which cleans usage tracks so that others using your computer cannot see what you have been working on. It also has advanced registry cleaning abilities, but this should be handled only if you have expertise and are familiar with windows registry.

The second free software that comes under the microscope is ComboFix. This can be downloaded for free here. This is a very robust, simple looking and very effective Malware and spyware removal program.


It backs-up your registry before performing a detailed scan and at the end generates a log file mentioning the anomalies that it corrected and the ones that could not be corrected. The reason for which the latter part is important is that once you know what has infected your computer then you can use Google to sort out the problems. Although a bit light on the interface but does the job!

Malwarebytes’ Anti-malware comes in third place solely because the free version has a few features locked for the priced one. This includes real-time protection and auto-update features. But even then, the free version kicks arse, malware arse that is.


Anti-malware not only removes spywares ad malwares but also removes a host of viruses, Trojans and dialers. It even has a process monitoring system preventing such malicious programs from starting up. It has a fast scanner and is definitely a good download. Simply follow the link.

For followers of Microsoft we have good news. The fourth malware removal program is a specific and powerful malware removal tool that has been designed by Microsoft and is free to download from here or check out our Microsoft antivirus download post.

Microsoft antivirus tool works not only on Windows XP and Vista but also on Windows 7. It is very effective in removing troublesome worms like the Sasser, Blaster and MyDoom.

As a footnote it is advisable that you buy a proper anti-virus program to protect your computer on a continuous basis. These anti-malwares are excellent at their specified fields but have limited resources and are in need of constant updating. You can also see our recommended best free antivirus programs that are proven to eliminate malware viruses from your system.

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