Free Paypal Credit Card

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This isn’t any Paypal Hack but a easy way for Paypal Verification by making use of Credit Cards (Virtual Credit Cards) for bypassing the Money transfer limit from Paypal account!

I am sure there are a lot of people out their trying to verify paypal account without credit card. One thing you can do is request a debit card from the bank and enter the number, information into your paypal account. Once you are done with this Paypal will immediately show a message if it accepts the debit card or not. You will not be able to proceed to the next step if paypal doesn’t accept the bank debit card. In that case you have to make use of Virtual credit card!

Any Free Virtual Credit Card ?

VCC are Virtual cards, as the name suggests the are used for online purpose only. Virtual credit card dealers are found on the forums, websites and other companies provides visa, mastercard virtual credit cards for a comparatively lower price. For more information check out the visa virtual credit cards and faqs on paypal credit card verification.

I am not sure but some of them say you can get generate yourself a free Virtual credit cards for paypal. Though I got my Virtual Credit Card from a VCC dealer who helped me explain the procedure on how to get my paypal verified I am not sure if bank has this feature. I suggest you to contact any vcc seller and for a small amount of fee (15$-25$) he will guide you to make your paypal account verified. If  you are searching for free paypal credit card then apply for the Pluscard ()(Paypal Online Credit Card) which is a Mastercard specifically designed for the paypal customers.

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