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For those of you who do not have Rapidshare Premium account can check out G Rap it, an excellent Rapidshare Download Manager to download files from Rapidshare.We already know some of the Rapidshare download manager are nothing but fake spyware tools which are difficult to uninstall! But G-rap-It is a good unique program (Thanks to Ashwin) allowing a legit file download from and ofcourse it is spyware free.

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G Rap It A working Rapidshare downloader developed by Kakomira that allows you to enter any number of Rapidshare URL and it will download those files NOT simultaneously but one-by-one (downloads a single file from Rapidshare and queues the rest of the files).


Download G Rap It [Ifile]  || Download G Rap It [Mediafire]

For the next file download the program will wait for 15 minutes and automatically starts downloading the other files eliminating the manual work of copy pasting url in the browser, waiting and clicking on “Download” button! A useful utility for those who are downloading large amount of files as a free user! If you have Premium accounts then you might check out JDownloader which is yet another download manager for Rapidshare and Megaupload!

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