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smartmovie_music_player Smart movie player is one of the most popular media player for mobile phones. However, the smartmovie player isn’t completely free to download.Smartmovie is awesome player for your mobile phone but it’s not feasible for everyone as well!

Therefore, here are some of the Smartmovie player alternative that can be used for your mobile phone to watch videos. Please let us know other players that fits in this ‘free player’ category!

Kinoma FreePlay

Kinoma Play is an media application that easily manages pictures, music, video and online media for the user. The GUI is simple and user friendly and works on both touch screen and smartphone editions.

Kinoma handles the media by sub-dividing each selection into categories. This free movie player alternative supports playback most media formats out there (including FLV among others), however some codecs are disabled and are available only in the premium edition of Kinoma.

kinoma_mediaplayer_mobileThe music organizer is pretty standard sorting through tracks by genre, album, artist and song. Unfortunately the free version of Kinoma doesn’t allow the creations of playlists. The Kinoma Guide is an extensive archive of thousands of RSS feeds, podcasts and streamable video ranging from newsbytes,personal  interests, hobbies, sport etc. It is also possible to have media streams and Internet radio over 3G.

The application is quite fast, robust and not at all crash-prone. Overall this is a viable alternative to proprietary Smartmovie players though there are many limitations imposed on the Kinoma FreePlay. However the $30 upgrade to premium is hardly indispensable to enjoying the media-rich experience that this free application provides.

The Core Media Player

The Core Media Player (TCMP), which succeeds the popular PowerDivX Ne  xtGen multimedia player, is a complete multimedia player that is capable of playing almost every multi-media audio and video format available and one is likely to come across.

It comes in two versions, the standard free version 4.11 and the Premium version. The Premium version of this free Smartmovie player has  DVD Playback and Unlimited Plug-in Support among the extra features that are not available in the free alternative.core_media_player_smartmovie

TCMP 4.11 has an  Advanced DirectShow based Core. All audio and video types can be extended by downloading and installing DirectShow filters. It comes with highly modifiable Skins with Hue variations and Alpha blending  making it quite an eye-candy. This media player allows properties to be set for each Playlist item (playlists are possible here, unlike in Kinoma) including subtitles, aspect ratio of video clips, equalizer settings and others.

It also supports bookmarks and ‘chapters’ in addition to playlists of types M3U, PLS, NPL, XML et al. Allows Winamp plug-ins for audio and video files. The Core Dynamic Libraries makes it easy for users to use developed third-party software to enhance and customize the player like adding remote support, lyrics, subtitles modifications etc.

The player also had an adjustable media playback speed as well and a console mode which provides CLI features for greater control over the application. The hotkey controls are easily customizable and there are full tray icons.  The multi-threaded technology used here allows it optimal speed and efficiency.

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