How New Adsense Interface Can Make More Money!

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make_money_with_adsenseRecently, Adsense team made a blog post on the upcoming release of the new Adsense interface which got an overwhelming response from the long time publishers.

Luckily, adsense team had sent me the invitation to join Adsense new interface program yesterday through an email. With curiosity in my mind – I activated the new adsense program instantly and it looks quite promising as of now!

I was jubilant enough when I found the invitation at first. This new adsense is definitely made for Adsense publisher, providing control over the ads served on our websites and helping you analyze the best ad size for your website! After digging into Adsense new interface, I found out couple of helpful features that are tweaked to benefit the existing publisher which I’ll be mentioning in this post..

Also, I presume the new adsense interface will be rolled out for all the adsense publisher quite soon! So, your current ‘simple’ Adsense interface is going to be with you only for matter of weeks.. 🙂

Anyways, ontopic, here is the overview on why Adsense interface and what’s in store for publishers:

Home – Simple to use interface


With an easy-to-navigate sidebar menu along with the tabs and the performance graph, it is easier to check your adsense stats instantly. Also, the quick reports and the Earnings estimates are located in the homepage making it easier to check your hard earned money..

My ads Page is Modified


Apart from creating new channels without any hiccups, you can also check the earnings of each channels and compare it’s performance with other Adsense channels. For creating new adunit you also have the options to show rich media ads along with the normal text and image ads. Also, for those people who feel the ads are untargeted can use backup ad (quite similar to Google admanager) to maximize the earnings.

Allow Block Adsense ads


The Ad review center is on the homepage tab that has no changes made. It displays the direct advertisers who advertise on your website webpage.

Performance Reports

This is one of the most effective feature of the new adsense interface that has tons of options helping you to track, increase your adsense earnings and to analyze the best ad sizes.



‘More reports’ on Adsense

Most of the adsense publisher demanded for revealing information on which type of ads make more money. So here it is, in the ‘More reports’ you can find such information along with earnings of the ad types that fits on your website.


The image ads cpm was much better than Adsense text ads (Most of us think that text ads have a better CPM compared to image adsense ad) whereas the HTML ad had an skyrocket cpm compared to all the other ad types.

One of the HTML ad type had an eCPM of 300$ which is amazing.. sadly the advertiser didn’t advertise for too long! The point is; such near-to-accurate information helps you to analyze the high paying ad types and is one of the reasons on why Adsense is the most preferred publisher solution!

Analyzing of ad sizes becomes easier with ‘Ad sizes’ feature that shows the overall earnings along with page eCPM, CTR and number of ad clicks. Check the pic below..


Okay, is Adsense a CPM or CPC based network? We know that it’s a mixture of both CPC and CPM ads. But, CPC dominates the CPM ads! You can check this in ‘Bid types’ under the More reports.

For me, both the CPM and CPC ads are performing decently enough and over 90% of the time, the CPC ads were displayed! Another useful feature to track how is your

Conclusion: The overall upgrade to the new Adsense feature is to let publisher have control over the type of ads that are displayed on website and analyze the best placement, ad sizes! This is definitely useful for monetizing your website and making more money with simple tweaks..

Also, to increase your Adsense earnings, I recommend users to try out Google Admanager and section targeting to increase Adsense money on your blog (recommended by Adsense team). You can check out this post on how to setup Google Adsense admanager on WordPress

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cyberst0rm November 25, 2009

This looks promising.
My AdSense earnings at at an all time high. This could push it to the next level 🙂


I haven't received an email from Google AdSense Team saying that I allowed to check the new interface (beta) and that it doesn't yet have all options available in the old interface. I'm looking forward to use the New Google AdSense Interface, hope so.

Avinash November 18, 2009

i am still to get the invite. So fingers crossed.

It looks better though.

    Sidharth November 19, 2009

    It's on the way, mate! 🙂 Trust me, it looks much much better.. just like admanager which is pretty cool..

      Avinash November 19, 2009

      hope to have my hands on it soon. 🙂

Raju November 17, 2009

can't wait to get my hands dirty!

    Sidharth November 17, 2009

    Yeah! Get ready.. and get dirty coz this is an major update and gonna rock bigtime when released publicly for sure.. 😉

Harshad November 17, 2009

This new adsense interface looks very promising. Thanks for the information buddy.

    Sidharth November 17, 2009

    Indeed! I love the new features of Adsense..publishers like me were willing to have something new and now we have it :)..

    Thanks for passing by, mate!

      gaurav021gehlot November 18, 2009

      I too received the invitation, and its really great. It is really promising and great for publishers.

        Sidharth November 19, 2009

        That's indeed cool and I hope you have already explored most of the features in the new adsense design 😉

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