HP Slate’s Rich and Poor Features

By Jim Roberts | Features

The specs of the upcoming HP Slate has leaked, so now we could either praise it or criticize it as a probable substitute for the iPad. Here is our take on the HP slate’s features – The best and the worst!

Rich: Camera that faces to the front

A Front-facing camera is a staple in majority of laptops and tablets. A specific feature that is advantageous especially while you are at a restaurant or coffee shops and you need to video chat spontaneously. The iPad, unfortunately, doesn’t have this.

Poor: Camera facing the back

The 3 megapixel camera at the back is simply useless and may be viewed by other users as a silly addition, I could have one other camera in my pocket greater than 3 megapixels!

Rich: Not Entirely Windows

I’m not really against Windows 7 version or anything, after all, Windows 7 too is impressive but it is exciting to see a new device with a refreshing OS and user interface that is extra ordinary so it would not be ignored as it seems like the rest of the other devices.

Poor: Five hours of battery life

Oh my, this five-hour battery life could surely pose a problem for the HP Slate, after all, the new product is allegedly claimed by business perfectionist as their ideal computing device. How could you possibly use it for business if you need to worry the battery would run out and you are in the middle of a presentation?

Poor: Thick yet Thin

What would the HP Slate’s 5.7 inches in width vertical orientation do to beat the iPad’s 7.47 inches screen? Well, I could probably dump it instantly if the screen size is only my concern. I could read books, browse through various websites and keep updated social networks better on larger screens.

Rich: Price per Gigabyte and additional storage

Both iPad and HP Slate are priced based on the device’s gigabyte capacity. Incidentally, the cost of the iPad is lower…but only for the 16 GB model ($500), as HP Slate has no such device with 16 GB. iPad’s 32 GB and 64 GB cost $600 and $700 respectively. While HP slate’s offered price for same versions are only $550 and $600, respectively. In addition, the HP slate’s storage can be upgraded using SD cards but not the iPad.

Both Rich and Poor: Flash

Since no actual device is out for the testing, this Web video platform of HP Slate is yet to be decided.

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