iMac doesn’t boot up? — Download iMac Hard Disk Drive Firmware Update 1.0 (For 21.5-, 27-inch iMac)

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I was going bonkers when my iMac failed to boot up. That happened last week, and all I could do is try out every possible trick that I have learnt while venturing into my mac this year. I loved my Mac, and I absolutely hated to see it like this, un-bootable.

Then, with a heavy heart, I was left with no option other than pushing the machine to the folks at Apple Store. Fortunately, the issue — as I figured out — was with the Hard Disk. The genius Apple folks took around a week to replace the HD. I am happy to say that everything is back on track, and my iMac has come home, valiantly sitting on my old desk.

Anyway, the real issue is not with my iMac, but with almost everyone’s iMac — which doesn’t boot up because of the failing Hard Disk. The “Uh-oh my iMac doesn’t boot up” issues are aplenty in the Apple online forum.  Apple seems to resolve this issue with the Hard Drive Firmware update 1.0.

Download Hard Drive Firmware Update for iMac

Today, Apple has released a Hard Drive Firmware update 1.0 for the Mac users. This update is said to resolve the ongoing boot up issues spreading across the iMac machines. If you have a crackling feeling that something is wrong with your Mac HD, or if your iMac doesn’t boot up, then go ahead and download this update.

Note that this Firmware update is only for iMac 21-inch and iMac 27-inch model (Mid 2010). Also, you need to update your Mac OS to 10.6.7 in order to launch the program. No issues were shown after running this update on my machine. 🙂

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