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Cell phones are changing our world. People say the world is nothing but a canvas to imagination, and therefore creativity flows in every human being. It’s not that people think creatively but they also work on it to transform the idea into reality.

With the technology, creative gadgets have evolved quickly, some of them are well known in the market whereas other gadgets make it nowhere in this competitive world. And keeping this in mind, here are the list of creative cell phones, some of them are expensive, small and others are developed from the popular minds.

GSM Mobile Wrist Watch


This is a simple cell phone cum wrist watch that is sold in China Market. With features to voice record, take quick snapshots and organize tools, GSM Watch is well worth the ultimate 1,111 USD price.

Pantech IM-U140 DMB Mobile Phone


Pantech group launched an awesome mobile phone known as Pantech IM-U140 DMB that is not only pretty cool in design but also has an embedded mp3 player, TV broadcast system and excellent camera that can shoot pictures of high quality. Another remarkable feature is the LCD screen, this Auto sliding LCD makes it an eye catching phone which is still available in Korean markets.

Readius PDF Ebook Mobile Reader


With Windows installed in this Phone reader, Readius is a lite weight ebook reader having an 5” screen that can be folded back into the case. Readius allows you to continuously read 30 hours of ebooks, emails and also play music easily.

Night Light Cell Phone


A Creative cell phone with a small bulb light on the top that is portable and is used to help you in viewing the mobile screen in darker rooms (um, ahem, useless creativity?). Though the concept is from the individual mind but this indeed is an innovative design.

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taylor March 28, 2010

THIS SHIT CONFUSED THE HELL OUT OF ME SINCE WHEN DO THEY HAVE CEL’S THAT GO ON YOUR WRISTS LIKE RELLY . . . .OMG . . . .since when do we have phones that look like robots like it lookes like our world is getting taken over by robots and there masters witch are nerds like my god we have a lot of good phones we dont need more … 🙁 the ons we have are good enough and you are making it harder to pick a phone for those are getting there first phone . . . . . like are you trying to make it easier to pick a phone or harder . . . . . .for real :'( . . . sincerely : taylo….:)

Nihar May 31, 2009

Looks great.

Betty May 28, 2009

Thank you so much for posting this. I have a really hard time with choosing the right mobile phone for myself. This helped a bit.

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