Inception and Avatar Technology On The iPhone and iPad!

By Jay Shah | Apple

Several summers ago it looked as if Titanic would be the tough to topple as far as visual tech in movies was concerned. But movies like Avatar, and more recently liked Inception, have once again proved that the bar can never be raised too high! And the good news is that some of the tech used in all three films is now available for your Apple iPhone and the iPad.

Autodesk Maya, cutting edge visual effects software, was used in all the films to render some of the graphics which left your jaw touching the floor. Now you can get Autodesk Fluid FX, a version of the software on your mobile devices.

Of course this is a much toned down version of Maya, because the original software will simply not run on mobile hardware. But what you still have on your hands is extremely impressive nonetheless.


And the amazement lies in what the visual effects app can do. It lets you incorporate a range of effects on pictures, making them seem like a surreal screenshot of from a movie. Only a few years ago this type of advanced image-editing would not be possible without equipments costing thousands of dollars, but now you can enjoy the power of studio-level editing on your mobile devices!

Both the iPhone 4 and the iPad are touch-sensitive devices and the image manipulation via Autodesk Fluid FX utilizes this feature. It can register up to 10 multi-touch inputs, while you are working with it.


And what do you do with all your creations on Fluid FX? Well, you can store them on your mobile device for use later. Or you could hook your device up with a TV and view your work on a larger screen!

This app has amazing possibilities. After all, the man behind it is Joe Stam, the double Academy Award winner for his groundbreaking work in visual effects.

You may also remember that the earlier Autodesk app for the iPhone and iPad, the Sketchbook Mobile was a big hit too.  So, there’s indeed a lot to look forward to when Autodesk Fluid FX app hits the app store for just $1.99!

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