Latest Firefox 4 Beta 2: More Languages and App Tabs

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Looks like this season you can expect a lot more from the web browser Firefox, with the version 4.2 released days after the Firefox 4 beta 1 was made available. You get support for 23 new languages and a lot more app tabs than the earlier version.

Firefox has cemented its place among the top web browsers along with the Internet Explorer and the Google Chrome. So this spate of new and improved versions of the browser is really no surprise. But the surprise lies in discovering what’s new each time!

What’s new in Firefox 4 Beta 2 browser

All the 23 languages are available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS users. Other than the new languages this time Mac users can use tabs on top of the browser. This feature was available for Windows users only, in the previous beta release. What’s more, Windows 7 and Vista users can enjoy the entire menu bar function in one Firefox button!


Then there are ‘app tabs’, which provide one click access to the sites you visit most throughout the day. You can easily convert your favorite sites into tabs for quick browsing. The benefit of converting websites into tabs is that a lot of space is saved on the tabs bar, which can then hold only sites you open occasionally.

If you like to know what’s under the hood of a new browser, well there’s plenty to look forward to. The beta 2 has support for CSS3 features such as transitions and transformations, which can aid website animations.

You can also add retained layers on the beta version to increase the speed of scrolling on complex websites on firefox 4 beta 2, by quite a lot. Even some XPCOM change shave been made to reduce the loading times when you start up Firefox.

Mozilla is also seeking your feedback on the beta 2 version. This feedback will then be evaluated and possibly worked upon to make the browser better before the commercial rollout.

If you take a look at how the browser landscape is shaping up, you will understand that the main battles lie ahead between Chrome, IE 9 and of course, Firefox. And Firefox sure is gearing up well!

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